Monday, June 17, 2013

Vintage Hairstyle - Victory Rolls

Guest Writer: Silk Pockets

“I don't mind living in a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it.” 

It is said that Victory Rolls got their name from the fighter plane maneuvers of World War II. The planes apparently created an exhaust roll that lingered in the sky long after the planes were past, which inspired many patriotic civilians to adopt the name in honor of their returning soldiers. Either that, or the men in charge of War propaganda cottoned on to the changing fashion and styling of the times and, realising that this style looked HOT, titled it appropriately.

You see, Victory Rolls became useful during wartime when women were enrolled on the workforce. They were petitioned to keep their hair off their faces. This hair style therefore proved very useful in complying with orders. The fact that it also looked absolutely fabulous was just a bonus!

The Starlet’s of the time, sporting many variations of this style cemented it in history, and in the hearts of many women today. It is no wonder that this diverse technique has made a very strong resurgence in recent times. With the rebirth of Vintage appreciation, and ‘Granny Chic’ fashion making a comeback this style is perfect. Pair it with an embellished clip for a formal look, or simply play around with placement of the barrel rolls. The options are endless.

I have loved this vintage styling since I was young, but only recently found the knack for pulling it off. Thank good ness for YouTube Tutorials I say! One of my firm favorites is Cherry Dollface who tells you simply how to do the style in many different ways. My main advice would be… practise, practise, practise! And when doing this style give yourself plenty of time. A Barrel Roll/Victory Roll never does what you want when you are under pressure. (They can smell the fear I think…)

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Dorreen Augustine said...

Love this! Great explanation - never knew exactly why they were called this, but I will let you in on a little secret: I wore victory rolls to my Junior prom...that was back in 1982. Maybe I was ahead of the curve? :-)


love it, great pics too! :)