Monday, June 3, 2013

How to work Men's Vintage Fashion

Guest Blog by: Silk Pockets

Vintage fashion is not just reserved for us ladies! Men can have fun with vintage too! Here are some handy hints and tips to inspire you men, or to help you dress your man!

The cardinal rule for dressing vintage is don’t try too hard.

I know it sounds obvious, but make sure you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is good, just as long as you don't feel self conscience. If you feel self conscience, don’t wear it. 

And Gentlemen... please do not be afraid of the cardigan. it is a great staple for your wardrobe and can be worn under your suit jacket, or over a shirt and bow tie. Plus, the girls love it. Very sexy!

Oh do I love these brogues!!!! A great vintage staple!

Your clothing does not always have to be actual vintage, there are many vintage inspired things from department stores now. Mixing vintage, and vintage inspired items together can be a fabulous way to pull your look together.

  For the vintage virgins out there, try adding just one vintage piece at a time. A scarf, a hat, a cardigan...

The great thing about playing around with vintage fashion, is the options are endless. It's worth mixing patterns. But one rule to guide you, when mixing patterns make sure they are in the same color wheel.

If you want to be bold and mix colors, block the colors and add just one pattern piece.

Very important... Always dress for your size. This is nonnegotiable. Sizes and numbers on clothing do not matter. Especially as vintage sizing can be misguiding. Wear what fits. For example a slim man might wear bigger clothes, in an effort to look bigger, but it actually has the opposite effect, and vise versa.

Model is Wearing:

Hat: top man | Cardigan: Top Man | Bow tie: Asos | Shirt: Asos | Trousers: Vintage | Shoes: Oak Ridge | Scarf: Vintage | Sunglasses: Zara Man | Apple: Models own.

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Silk Pockets

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Ike said...

Great tips in this blog post! More men are getting into wearing vintage, especially since the early 90s is now considered vintage too.