Friday, August 16, 2013

How 1950 Advertising Shaped Women’s Fashion

Written by Guest Blogger: Silk Pockets

If anyone had watched even one episode of Mad men, you will know that in the 1950’s advertising was generated by a man dominated world, and focused at women as they were the ones buying the products. Now, I know that Mad Man is full of inappropriate macho’ism, but I don’t really think that the male dominated portrayal of women, or the perfect housewife, was necessarily a bad thing.

On the contrary, I think it liberated women to have fun with fashion, and dress up, without feeling overdressed. It could be viewed as somewhat liberating if you like.

Who of us has had that gorgeous evening dress, or that sparkling costume jewellery that we want to wear out, but feel we will be overdressed and therefore the center of attention – in all the wrong ways. Who wants to go out feeling silly? But in the 1950’s, the common housewife was portrayed as always having perfectly quaffed hair, kitten heels, petticoats and full matching jewellery and earring set just to clean the house. Or put in Victory Rolls just to go to the typing pool.
Yes this was completely unachievable (unless you had a housekeeper) and unrealistic to modern day. But how liberating to know that you COULD go out in full petticoat-ed loveliness, just to get a soda. How fabulous to have the freedom to wear that beautiful pillbox and long gloves to go out to dinner. You would be appreciated and not scoffed at. That is the kind of world I want to live in!

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